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It was tough to see when he could not open his eyes and cried every second since he was new to this world, but I could see everything ,I could feel everything,I could see the emotions flowing, glitters, spark, fear and anxiousness in everyone’s eye, love in the mother’s eyes and hope in fathers eyes. That’s when my journey started with him, we both were born pure, unaware but we knew it’s a life and the journey starts …

He opens his eyes and he saw a lady smiling at him with all the love in the world and tears in her eyes, yes he could feel the love and affection so he smiled and trusted her with him. He saw many people, his father, family and he was amazed to see people, colours, that’s thrilling but he was hungry so he cried and he was fed by the lady he saw the 1st time and now he knows she is my saviour and started trusting her with his life. That’s how life starts, that’s when my journey of this life started….Every day we were growing, loving, crying, smiling but then we started learning things.We learned anger when we were seeking happiness and could not get it.That anger made us less pure.
Days passed by, years gone, we have lived together, I was the reason he was breathing but I could not control his actions, his emotions.His life was always his, his decisions was always his, his happiness was always his, fear was always his, greediness was always his but with every day I got less pure than before, ohhh I was happy when he helped the needy, when he respected others, when he loved people but as I knew it’s life and we won’t be pure unless we know how to live it.Yes, we were told how to live it, yes we followed it also but the love for this world is so tempting that we forgot what we were told about life.

His sins shook me every time, I was in fear whenever he was going to do anything bad….A time came when I forgot I was even pure and was sent for a purpose.This was life, I was weak when I was born and got stronger when I was grown and learned more about the world with him then the real life.Oh now it’s money I was after, money used to feed me satisfaction and comfort and that’s when I didn’t want to believe in anything and learn anything as I thought money is all I need in this world to be big, to be satisfied, to be famous, to be loved, to be wanted and be respected.This journey was the toughest and yet with my false believe I worked every day, I lived this illusion every day and night for just one thing which was never mine, it used to come and go…. As years passed by the same process started, marriage, kids and same happiness but it was my kid’s life, not mine, mine was going slow and I grew older with time. By far This journey made me so less pure and then I started to fear and seek forgiveness in my weak and old age …I wanted to leave but I could not do anything, oh this disease took so much money for which¬† I lived all my life and now I am seeing it go so fast but it’s not giving me satisfaction but merely helping me to ease some pain from these diseases.

Now it’s too late to learn and realise that this fake world taught me to struggle for money for satisfaction but now it’s too late to say that this world fooled me.i was so weak and this time even this money was not helping me to feel good in life.That’s when I was told to leave him and this very second I realised that it was not a life I lived but wasted, I was so scared to depart for this endless journey, for which I had to prepare myself instead of just loving this world and money…

Now I know when I left him and these people are crying and he is no more but I am crying more for what I did with my life when I was aware and was told how to lead it to reap the fruits afterwards.

I shouted so loud to tell everyone that what you are doing is a test for the afterlife, fear your lord because just like me you will face him and answer him for what he gave u as life and what you did with it.

Love, respect, try to be polite, don’t be greedy and betray others, don’t lie and remember your lord every second and do as he told you to do.i didn’t do all this in my life and now I know it’s the only thing which is going to help you….I see others so happy who followed the commandments and there’s me

I am paying for every wrong deed here, it’s terrifying, very painful, I am screaming with pain but no mercy no help, I am dying every second here, its dark, it’s dark, it’s dark…

Truly not yours